Get List of Call Log Files created the async-call-logs API endpoint to allow customers to download large amounts of call logs without encountering the normal API Rate Limits.
This service needs to be activated on a per-customer basis and collect the call log data in the requested customer's format. (please call our support to activate and better define the format if needed)
When the async-call-logs endpoint is invoked, the endpoint will return a list of 47 to 48 files, each representing the calls entered into the logs during a full hour of the last two days. The file names contain the time period of call logs each file encapsulates.
The Items returned are ordered by modification (i.e., creation) date; the most recent item is the first item. The files should be download using the provided URL(s) in the item JSON array returned by the endpoint. creates the files at the 15 minutes mark, every hour for the previous hour. Files lifespan is 2 days, which means that each file will disappear after 48 hours.

This endpoint provides access to asynchronously generated files with call logs.

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