Delete Route for extension

Routes, a.k.a. 'Call Handling Rules' or 'Presets', are used to tell how to handle incoming phone calls. They can be used to connect your phone number to an extension, a menu, a calling queue, or many other things. The fundamental element of a route is an action. We support many different actions such as forward, menu, and voicemail. See below for the full details. In general, actions are processed one at a time in the order you specify, until the call is answered or disconnected. Answering or disconnecting stops any additional actions from being performed. Note that several actions such as voicemail, menu, and fax completely take over processing the call and do not result in processing any subsequent actions. Actions are grouped into rule sets. Rule sets can be filtered based on the time of day or the caller's phone number. When processing an incoming call,'s routing engine will evaluate each rule set in the order that was specified when the route was created or updated. The first matching rule set will be used, and all other rule sets will be ignored. Each route must have at least one unfiltered rule set. Note that if your route contains multiple unfiltered rule sets, only the first one will be used.

Delete a route from the extension

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