Please Provide steps to follow and API Lists to get call Between Caller and Calle.(Need to talk each other) How can i do this over API.

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Documentation for managing creating a phone call. We can make a phone call as the phone number rings with an incoming number. However, that is all that we can do in the test environment. We can not actually interact with the callee so how will we know if the voice is being heard. Call Started we can see on the variable list but Call Ended we do not see. We do see Duration but as an integer but we held the line for a minute and the result is showing 15 seconds. Our goal is to get our customers to use, however, we will need to a test environment so troubleshoot a real phone call so we can integrate it with our software. Also, we have sent this email to support three hours ago and there is no response as of yet. Can you please let us know how long it takes for us to receive emails
May 9, 2019

Hi Saravanakumar,

Thanks for contacting for API support.

Since your phone has rung, that means the Create Call API works. The way the API works is the caller's phone rings first, once you pick up the phone, the callee's phone then rings. When the callee picks up the phone, the call is connected and both caller and callee can talk.

Are you calling via a 800 number? I suspected that your account is not enabled for Toll Free Number calling. I will reply to your ticket directly so that we can further troubleshooting the problem.


Wai API Support Team

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