Support for Voicemails as Events?

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We currently use as our call point into our help desk. Customers leave voicemails at our number and we get back to them. Right now is losely integrated with out help desk software (Help Scout) by email. sends an email to Help Scout and a ticket is created when a new voicemail comes in. Unfortunately only the phone number is really sent over, and I'd like the customer's information to be pre-populated from if possible. I looked into your API and there is no events for voicemails. Is support coming for that? If not is there a way to send more contact information in the email that goes out for voicemail notification?
Wai Yuen
Nov 9, 2017


Although we do not have the Voicemail Event at this time, you may use the call.log event to check if a call log is created.

The call.log event returns the call_id, which may be used on the Get Call Log API.

The Get Call Log API returns detail information of the call, including the URL of voicemail / call recording (voicemail_url / call_recording_url) for downloading the audio file into your local computer.

Please note that this API does not provide customer information since there is no way our system knows about all your customers. We do have CRM Integration with SalesForce (and Zoho in the very near future) which provides customer popup on every incoming call, not only on voicemail.

Please send a request to if interested in our CRM Integration products.

Wai API Support Team

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