List Routes not showing all named routes?

Posted in General by Peter J Thu May 31 2018 15:34:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·3·Viewed 596 times

When executing:{accountNum}/routes I don't get a list of my named routes in my account. I get a list of what looks like empty route objects with different id's. This function was working before. Things still work via web interface. When I add a new route and then do a list route, I get the 'empty routes' and also my newly created route. It seems like my old routes have disappeared from the API, but still exist in my web interface. Thoughts?
May 31, 2018


Please email [email protected] and provide your Express Service Code, which may be retrieved via control panel Support tab. I will troubleshoot the problem and get back to you.


Wai API Support Team

May 31, 2018


Thanks for the Express Service Code. Further investigation finds that all your routes can be listed by the List Routes API.

The List Routes API lists only 25 items by default, and items are listed by creation date in reversing order. However there are 56 routes in your accounts, you may use the 'limit' parameter to list more items, or 'offset' parameter to list the next page of data. where nnnn is your API Account ID

The empty routes that you see most likely are routes reserved for Phone Numbers / Extensions. When they are unassigned, they look like empty routes.

Please let the API Support Team know if you need further assistance.

June 1, 2018

This solved it! Thanks so much.

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